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How do I print to a computer lab printer from my residence hall room?

Each computer lab has a color laser printer

Printing via PaperCut

PaperCut allows you to print from any device connected to IllinoisNet or ResNet, including lab machines.

  1. Log in to the PaperCut web application 
  2. Click on Web Print on the left panel
  3. Select Submit a Job »
  4. Choose the printer. For grayscale prints, select a printer ending in bw; for color, color.
  5. Select the appropriate Print Options and Account Selection »
  6. Type how many copies you want to make by "Copies:"
  7. Select Upload Documents »
  8. Select Upload from computer and select your files
  9. Select Upload & Complete »
  10. Select Jobs Pending Release on the left
  11. Select Release All or Print next to the job

*Residents must have Illini Cash to print

Print directly

You can print directly to a printer from a lab machine, giving you more options for setting up your print job.

  1. Choose the printer. For grayscale prints, select a printer ending in bw; for color, color.
  2. If the Print Job Billing window pops up, select the account you'd like to be billed to, and then select OK
  3. Use your phone an scan the QR code near the printer or follow the PaperCut instructions above
  4. Release your job

Printing FAQ

I accidentally sent a print job I don't want!

To delete a print job, you can select "Delete" after typing in your password. Be sure not to press Enter since that will release the print job. Print jobs will automatically expire after an hour without activity.

Can I use my own paper?

If you would like to use your own paper, you can as long as it is made for use with laser printers and a reasonable size. Before sending the print job, set the printer's paper source to "Manual Paper Feed" (MPF). After releasing the print job at the Print Release Station, find the printer displaying a message regarding MPF, open the manual paper feed tray from the side panel, and insert your paper into the tray. Adjust the paper guides as necessary.

How can I adjust printer settings using PaperCut?

Unfortunately, PaperCut does not support more advanced printing options. If you would like to adjust printer settings for your print job, you can do so by using a lab computer and adjusting the appropriate printer from there.

How can I see my printing account?

Log in to the PaperCut web application, which has many details about your printing balances and transactions.

I'm being charged for color printing even though my print is grayscale!

This may happen for one of two reasons. (1) The black & white print was sent to a color printer, or (2) the printer settings on the computer were set to color rather than grayscale. Confirm that you are sending your print job to a printer ending in "bw" and that that specific printer is not set to print in color.

How do I get a refund?

  1. Log in to the PaperCut web application
  2. Select to Recent Print Jobs from the left panel
  3. Find the print job that should be refunded, using the filter tool in the top left if necessary
  4. Select Request refund next to the print job
  5. Select the refund amount
  6. Type in the reason for request
  7. Select Send

I think there's something defective with the printer!

Housing Residential Technology staff will be aware of most issues if the printer is malfunctioning or offline and we will fix it in a timely manner. Please submit a ticket if there is a problem with print quality. Feel free to request a refund if your prints were affected (see above).

My print job is taking forever!

This may happen when your print job contains a lot of data, such as a 50-page thesis or print jobs with several images. Your print job will eventually go through. If there are multiple printers in a computer lab, you can potentially halve the amount of time you wait by separating your print job into equal divisions before sending them. Please keep this processing time in mind when dealing with potentially large print job. 

My print looks nothing like what I meant to print!

This may happen when a software application alters a print job in order to make it easier to print. Converting your document to a PDF or XPS file and confirming that the file looks correct should solve most issues. You can convert a document to PDF or XPS by printing to Adobe PDF Writer and Microsoft XPS Document Writer (on Windows only), respectively.

Our printers cannot print less than about 0.25 inches away from the edge of the paper.

I think there's something wrong with the printer

Please contact us by submitting a ticket with a detailed description of the problem so that we can fix the printer in a timely fashion. 

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