Email, Spam Control, Adding Email Addresses to Safe or Blocked Senders List

This page explains how to add email addresses to your Safe Senders or Blocked Senders List in Spam Control.

How do I add email addresses to the safe or blocked senders list?

Use the web interface:

After you log in to the Web Interface, follow these steps to add senders to your personal Safe or Blocked Senders Lists.

  1. Use the Web Interface by opening a browser and point it to the following URL:
    • Log in with your Campus NetID and password.
  2. Click the "Lists" tab on the left side of the window (to add, edit or delete addresses in your Safe and Block lists).
  3. Enter the address or domain in the text window.
  4. Press the Save button. The email address will be added to your Safe Senders or Blocked Senders list, depending on which you chose.

add to list


  • If you want to always receive email from certain domains and email addresses, click on Safe Senders List
    • You can add an entire domain so that any email address that ends with that domain can be placed on the Safe or Blocked Senders list. 
      • The domain name appears after the ‘@’ in an email address. For example, if the recipient is '', the domain is: ‘’
      • NOTE: You may add an entire domain, but do not include any wildcards (e.g. *). For example, if you wish to block or allow all email from '', enter '' as the domain.
    • You can also click "Not Spam" in the digest and that will allow the sender's emails through in the future. 


  • If you never want to receive email from a certain domain or email address, click on Blocked Senders List


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