ATLAS Gradebook - Getting Started

Understanding the hierarchical structure of ATLAS Gradebook

Lets start with Unit Administrators.

Unit Administrators have broad access to the various elements of the Courses and Course Terms within their area. 

Unit Administrators can:

  • Add courses to their unit
  • Assign and manage the directors of unit Courses
  • Access and edit all unit Course Terms 
  • Access and edit Course Term Details for individual Course Terms
  • Add Sections to a Course Term
  • Add Instructors to a Course Term or Section

In the same way that the Unit Administrator has privileges across the units Courses, Course Administrators have privileges across the entirety of the Course and Course Terms.

But what do we mean when we say Course and Course Term?

In ATLAS Gradebook, a Course works like a category that contains instances of instruction attached to semesters. We call the instance of a course in a given semester a Course Term.

In other words, Chemistry 101 is a Course, while Chemistry 101 Fall 2014 is a Course Term contained within the Chemistry 101 Course.
So, a Course Administrator can:

  • Add/Edit Course Terms for their Course
  • Access and edit Course Term Details for individual Course Terms
  • Add Sections to their Course Terms
  • Add Instructors to their Course Terms or Sections

Were seeing the trend here. The administrative levels all have similar tasks available to them, but from Unit Admin to Course Admin to Course Term Admin the areas of the application where you could perform those tasks gets smaller. 

As such, a Course Term Administrator can:

  • Access and edit Course Term Details for their Course Term
  • Add Sections to their Course Terms
  • Add Instructors to their Course Term or Sections

Instructors are the people that teach the actual Section of the Course Term.

Anyone that is a Course Term Administrator or above for a given Course Term can control whether or not the Instructor can edit grades for an Assignment Category (dont sweatwell get to that!)

If the Instructor doesnt have grading enabled for an Assignment Category they will simply be able to view those grades without manipulating them. 

The role in ATLAS Gradebook with the fewest options is Student.

If a student is enrolled in a class using ATLAS Gradebook, they can log into the Gradebook to view their grades. There are a couple of parameters on how they can view their grades that a person with Course Term Admin permissions or higher would set. But well touch on that later.

The different roles within ATLAS Gradebook create a concise, manageable workflow for users and provide the necessary hierarchical structure from Unit Administrators to instructors.

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