Using Your Lync Phone

How to use your Lync phone.

The University of Illinois uses the Microsoft Lync phone system, tying your phone to your computer. The phone line may be used with a direct interface (ie. speaker) to your computer, or with the aid of an external device (phone or earpiece). The basics on how to use this are below, as are more resources if you want to utilize the many options it has.


There are three types of phone lines: individual one for students (with no special equipment provided); individual ones for non-student employees (with phones provided); and common area phones (for group use, ie. student and emeritus offices).


Getting started: For all individual phone numbers:


·      Before you begin: Know your Lync Phone Number and your Lync PIN.  You may verify your Lync Phone Number at and log in with your NetID and Active Directory (AD) password. set your Lync PIN by going to and log in using uofi\NetID and AD password.

·      You must have a non-hourly appointment on campus to have your own phone number. If you believe you should have one and don’t, contact Adrienne Harris at


Non-student employees: Setting up your Lync phone for the first time, or in a new office:


You should have a new phone in your office. The old one may be deposited in the mailroom. Your phone should be displaying the 'Welcome' screen.  Please perform the following actions to log in to your Lync Phone.


·      "Do you have a computer available to simplify setup and enable all features on this phone?" - No

·      "Enter your extension or phone number" - Enter your ten-digit phone number and press Next

·      "Enter your PIN for <your Lync number>" - Enter the six-digit Lync PIN you set and press Sign In

·      "Create a 6-digit phone-unlock PIN, and then press Next." - Follow the instructions

·      "Re-enter the new PIN." - Follow the instructions.

·      "Press Next to customize your settings or Done to start using your phone." - Press Next

·      "Customize Time Zone" - Scroll down until you reach Central Time and press Next

·      "Customize Date Format" - Select your favorite date format and press Next

·      "Customize Time Format" - Select your favorite time format and press Next

·      "Customizing Ring Tones" - Select your ringtone and press Next

·      "Press Done to start using your phone or Settings to further customize." - In most cases you can press Done to start using your phone.  Pressing Settings allow you to make other changes to your phone; Volume, Brightness, and High Contrast may be items you are interested in.


You may now use your Lync Phone; see for more instructions, demos, etc.


Using a Common/Shared Area Phone:


If you are in a shared office the Lync Phone will already be logged in. With the phone you may make calls to other Lync numbers and local calls only. However you may log in with your personal number to make phone calls; this might be desirable if you want them to know it is you (your name appears on their phone) or if you have been given long distance or international calling capabilities.


·      To login to a common area phone as yourself:

o   Select the button labled 'User Sign In' and select 'Yes' to continue signing in with your own credentials.  Then simply follow the above instructions.


Please be aware that you will be logged out in a short period of time and the common area account will be re-logged in.



Further information:

Lync interfaces with your Outlook calendar, allows collaboration, provides instant messaging, and many other features. If you have issues with BASIC use, please email For other features, see:

· (main Unified Communications website)

· (Getting started)

· (troubleshooting)

· mac&lcid=1033(for Mac users)



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