FormBuilder - Form Responses - Cancel vs. Delete Response

This document is meant to illustrate the difference between cancelling and deleting a given form response and show the unit administrators and form group administrators the steps needed to both cancel and delete a response.

When a FormBuilder response is initiated and data is saved when the response is submitted, the form response has a status of Registered.  At this point, if the form has a capacity on the period or the given session the registrant registered for, the "Registered" form response counts against that capacity, even if the user stopped processing the form response before they completed the registration of paid.  

To UnRegister a given form response, the administrator has two options, they can either Cancel the response or Delete the response.  What is the difference between Cancelling a form response and Deleting a form response within FormBuilder Manage Form Responses? 
  • Deleting a form response will completely erase the transaction from the database.  The response will no longer show in manage form responses or any report as it has been deleted from the database forever.  Once a response is deleted, it can no longer be retrieved.
  • Cancelling a response will Cancel the registration, but leave the response saved in the database as Cancelled.  If the form has capacities on the number of people that register, cancelling a response will make it so that the response does not count against the capacity.  A cancelled response will still show in manage form responses and in reports, and can be re-registered by an administrator.

To either Cancel or Delete a response, an administrator needs to first access the form responses of a given form by selecting Manage Form Responses or Number of Responses.


The administrator now identifies the form responses in question.  In this example, the "Bradenton" responses.  Notice that at this point of the process, although neither transaction is complete and through the Payment Processing Phase, both transactions have a Status of Registered, so each are counting against the session's maximum capacity and taking up spots that would otherwise be used for those wanting to register and pay.

Bradenton Form Responses I

At this point the Registered Responses view for the given session looks like this.  The session is set to have a maximum capacity of 15, and there are currently 12 registered responses, which includes the Bradenton transactions in question...with a status of Registered above.

Registered Responses I

For the purposes of illustrating the differences between Cancelling a response and Deleting a response, the administrator will Cancel the William Bradenton transaction, and will Delete the Marshall Bradenton transaction.
Brandenton Form Responses II

Once Cancelled, the William Bradenton Transaction will show a status of  Cancelled, and at this point will no longer count against the maximum capacity set on the given session.  The transaction will however remain in the database with that status and an administrator could Register that transaction again by clicking on the Register button.   Once the Marshall Bradenton transaction has been Deleted.  It is no longer in the database at all and is no longer retrievable.  Because it has been Deleted, the transaction also does not count against the maximum capacity of the given session...however there is not the possibility of registering again as with the Cancel Option, as the form response no longer exists in the database.

Bradenton Form Responses III

Because one transaction has been Cancelled and the other Deleted, the Registered Response view now shows 10 currently registered responses as opposed to 12 before the administrator made the change.

Registered Form Responses II

In Summary, there are two ways to UnRegister a form response that has a status of Registered in Manage Form Responses.  Cancelling the response, changes the status of the response from Registered to Cancelled, but it leaves the form response saved in the database and viewable in Manage Form Responses.  A Cancelled response can be Registered by clicking on the Register Response button.  Deleting a response, deletes that response from the database forever, and is another way to UnRegister a response.  If a form has a capacity established on a given session in which you cancel or delete a response, the cancelled or deleted response spot will not count against the number of registered responses against that capacity.

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