ATLAS Scheduler Global and Calendar Permissions

Detailed below is a brief overview of the various kinds of permissions associated with different users on the ATLAS Scheduler app. An example is provided, along with two graphs more fully explaining the various options for users.
Global Access Permissions encompass the entire application, while Calendar Permissions are more specific. Users may hold a role within both types of access.


User01 is a Global Request Viewer. User01 is also an Owner on Calendar01. If Calendar01 is made private, User01 will still be able to view it and make changes. If User01 was only a Global Request Viewer, she/he would not be able to view Calendar01 if it was private.


Below are two graphs detailing the permissions associated with the different users of Scheduler.

  The image is a table of the various permissions granted to different kinds of users when making or viewing Calendars. Owners have all permissions, and the rest of users have one or two permissions

The following image is a summary of the various permissions granted to users for the app.

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