Campus Mailing Lists, Add emails or domains to Safelist, Modlist, Blocklist

List owners can define if email addresses or domains are on their list's blocklist, modlist or safelist.
There are times when a list owner needs to manage or fine-tune who can post to their list.  The blocklist, modlist and safelist config pages are designed to assist in this effort. 
  • blocklist = posts from these email addresses or domains are automatically deleted.  e.g. email from *.ru is spam or phishing attempts.
  • modlist = posts from these addresses or domains are automatically sent to be "moderated" by a list moderator or owner.  e.g. has a tendency to rant.
  • safelist = posts from these addresses or domains are automatically posted to the list.  e.g. Prof Y's emails are always posted directly to the list, even if the list is moderated.

List Owners can configure these settings by:   

  1. Logging into the Campus Mailing List web site:
  2. Click the Admin button next to the list you want to change, 
  3. Click "Sender Lists" and select the appropriate list:
    1. Blocked Senders
    2. Moderated Senders
    3. Allowed Senders   
  4. Add the email address(es) or domain(s), one entry per line to the web form.  e.g.,  *, *.ru
  5. Click Save.   
Additional information is available from the Campus Mailing Lists User's Guide, Sender Lists section.