Math Department: Personal Webpage

How to set up your personal webpage in the Math Department.
To set up your Math website you will need to do the following:

o Log in to a Linux computer.  If you are not at a Linux computer you can
log in to the main Math Linux ssh server at  From
Windows you can use either PuTTY or NetSarang Xterm.  From Mac simply use
Terminal or X11/XQuartz.

o From a command prompt type the following:
cd ~
mkdir public_html
chmod 755 public_html
cd public_html
pico index.html

o When you are done creating your index.html then type the following:
chmod 644 index.html

o Any directories you create need to be 'chmod 755 <directory-name>'.

o Any files or pictures need to be 'chmod 644 <file-picture-name>'.

o Any mistakes in the 'chmod' numbers could be temporarily disastrous;
please check before pressing enter

For more specifics on editing and creating your webpage there are many
tutorials available on the web.  If you find a good one please let me

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