Teams Contact Center, Supervised Transfers in TouchPoint to Teams users or outside numbers

This article describes the process Contact Center agents should use to perform supervised or announced transfers of callers to Teams users or outside numbers.

1.    After you have answered the call, place the caller on hold using TouchPoint.

a.    To place the call on hold in TouchPoint:
i.    In the TouchPoint bar, hover over the green and white phone icon.
      TouchPoint Place Hold
ii.    Click the Hold button in TouchPoint.
      TouchPoint Hold Button

2.    Click the Find button in TouchPoint. This button appears as a magnifying glass.
3.    Type the phone number of the person you'd like to Conference into the existing call.
           Find with hold
4.    Hover over the blue and white phone icon next to the phone number.
           call with hold

5.    Click the Call button.
           call button with hold

6.     After the third party has answered, you will be able to discuss any items with them before adding the original caller back to the call. You will
        see both callers stacked in the TouchPoint bar.
            stacked calls

7.     At this point, you can merge all three participants into one conference call by hovering over the the third party (which should be the active
        party) and clicking the Conference button. Note: The active party will have the green and white phone icon next to their name or telephone

8.     All three participants are now in one conference together. You will see the TouchPoint bar change to show 3 conference participants.
            3 party conference

9.     Clicking End Call at this point removes you from the call but leaves the original caller and the third party in the call to continue their
            3 party end call

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