Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Changing your Notification Preferences

Learn how to change your notification preferences for your courses. This is especially handy if you or a student in your course is not getting course announcements.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleNotificationPref

Bell Icon (Toggle Notifications Menu)

  1. In the upper right corner, click on the Toggle notifications menu bell icon. 
    Moodle student notification bell
  2. In the menu that appears, click the blue Notification preferences gear.
    Edit Gear
  3. Click the On or Off boxes to change notifications as needed.
    Note: If you are not getting course announcements, make sure that you go to the "Forum" and "Advanced Forum" sections and verify that "Subscribed forum posts" and "Subscribed forum digests" have all email notifications turned on. Many courses are designed to utilize forums to make course announcements and turning these off can result in missing crucial course information.
    Note: "Online" is for when you are logged in to Moodle, and "Offline" is for when you are not logged in to Moodle.
    Notifications Preferences

Message Icon (Toggle Messaging Drawer) Notifications

  1. To configure personal messages, click on the Toggle messaging drawer icon.
  2. Toggle messaging drawer
  3. From the messaging drawer, click the gear.
    Actions menu gear messages
  4. Configure your Privacy, Notification preferences, and General settings as desired.
    Configure settings

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