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Learn how to use a question bank when creating quizzes. The question bank is where you will create, manage, and delete questions that are used in the Quiz activity. Questions can be organized by category. Learn how to create categories, add questions to a Quiz, delete questions from the Question bank, and follow best practices when using the Question bank.
For a permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleQuestionBank

Creating Quiz Categories

Create categories first so that you can select them easily from the drop-down menu when creating your questions.You can create categories of questions such as Unit 1; subcategories such as Quiz 1, and categories by topic such as Greek philosophy. Putting questions into categories:
  • Makes questions easy to find when assembling exams
  • Allows you to use the randomized question type, making it harder for students to cheat
  • Allows questions to be reused in multiple different quizzes
  1. In the navigational menu on the top, click More and select Question bank.
    More actions
  2. In the Questions drop-down menu, click Categories.
    Click category
  3. Click Add category:
      • In the "Parent category" drop-down, select a category to contain this new category.
      • In the "Name" field, enter a name for the category, e.g., Week 1 Quiz.
      • Note: We recommend leaving the "Category info" blank, as it can make the display very cluttered and does not add very much value.
    Category details
  4. Click Add category.
    Add category

Adding Quiz Questions to the Question Bank

  1. In the navigational menu on the top, click More and select Question bank.
    Click more to get to the question bank
  2. To add a question, click Create a new question...
    Create a new question
  3. Choose a question type from the list, and then click Add.
    Add a question type
  4. Make sure to select a category from the Category drop-down menu to keep your question bank organized.
    Genearl drop-downGeneral > category
  5. Enter your question. (The settings vary based on the question type.)
  6. Click Save changes.
    Save changes

Deleting Quiz Questions from the Question Bank

  1. In the navigational menu on the top, click More and select Question bank.
    Question bank
  2. Navigate to whichever question you want to delete, click the gear Edit button, and click Delete.
    Note: If a question is being used in a quiz, a warning will pop up, so you can rest assured that only unused questions are being deleted.
    Delete a single question
  3. If you want to delete multiple questions at the same time, click on the checkbooks next to the questions that you want to delete.
  4. Scroll all the way down, click With selected, and select Delete.
    Delete multiple questions

Best Practices

  • If you are creating many quizzes, we recommend creating all of the needed categories before adding questions.
  • Make all questions in the question bank first and then make the quiz.

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