Email, Emails Being Missed or Not Arriving

To figure out why emails aren't showing up where you expect them to, or where they are ending up instead, start by checking these settings.

Mail Delivery

The first step in tracking down a missing email is to ensure that all of your mail routing is set up correctly. Please log in to the Electronic Directory Editor (EDE) and check that your mail field is correct. In most cases, it will show one of the following:

The EDE mail field is the first thing checked for incoming external mail (from senders without addresses). If you're trying to re-route internal mail, you'll also need a mailbox rule (see below).

Changes to the EDE mail field take up to 4 hours to sync with the mail server, so if you make a change here please be patient.

If you redirect to a non-University address using EDE like this, we will not be able to track what happens to a message afterwards, as the only thing the mail server records is that the message was sent.

For more information on properly setting up forwarding, please see  Email, How to set up email forwarding.

Inbox Rules

If messages are staying on the University mail server (EDE mail field is or but you are not finding them where you expect, next check if you have any inbox rules or filtering set up. These can be used to redirect or file away some messages, and may be catching mail you don't expect them to.

If you normally use the desktop client of Outlook, Apple Mail, your smartphone's mail app, or another email application, you should check for the missing email in the web-based version of Exchange. Log in to and look for the missing message(s). If it appears in the web app but not in your normal client, then there may be some sort of problem with your email client's connection to the server. Removing the account from your email client and re-adding it can often fix this issue.

Other potential causes

To resolve a possible connection issue, try removing the account from the application (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) and re-adding it.

Next up, ensure that the message(s) is not getting flagged as spam.

If you are a student and you are having issues receiving course emails (from your instructors), please check that your preferred email address in UI Self Service (under the Personal Information > Email Addresses tab at is correct. If it is not listed correctly, please see  Enterprise, University Assigned, Preferred Email Address.

Still missing email?

If you still cannot find your email(s), you must submit the following information to the Help Desk ( or 217-244-7000). We cannot investigate missing emails without this information, so please provide it to the best of your ability.

  • Dates/times of the emails missed (as specific as possible)
  • Email address of who sent it or where it was sent to
  • Subject line (if known)

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