Webstore, Navigating a Webstore Offer

This article gives more information about the various parts of a Webstore offer and what they mean.

Example Main Offer:

There are several sections of note here:
1. In this particular offer, what is being offered is "License and Media." License refers to the license key that the Webstore provides to purchasers, while Media refers to the method of distribution. In this case, the product SAS is available as both digital and physical media. When only a digital copy is available, it will be labeled as "License and Download."
2. This product has an expiration date. Not all Webstore products will have expiration dates, but the ones that do will need to be renewed, usually yearly.
3. This is the base price of the product. The final price you pay may be higher or lower, depending on what add-ons you purchase and whether or not the product is prorated. If a product is prorated, its cost is decreased based on how long until its expiration. For example, if 6 months have passed for a software with a normal expiration date of 1 year, the offer would be 50% off.
4. This denotes which groups are eligible to purchase this product. If you are not a member of one of these groups, you will be unable to see the offer. Please email the Webstore if you believe you were mistakenly excluded.
5. This section allows you to select what method you want your product as. Please note that some distribution channels may cost extra.
6. This section allows you to purchase additional add-ons.
7. This describes the payment type, either C-FOAPAL account or credit card. Typically, offers in the "Unit Use" section of the Webstore must be purchased with C-FOAPAL account, as they are intended for University use on University-owned computers. Offers in the "Personal Use" section are intended for private use and are purchasable by credit card.

Example Additional Information:

There are three subsections: Description, Specifications, and Additional Information. The Description section will contain information about what software you are actually receiving, including the version number and website information. The Specifications section details what type of license the offer gives and what the product should be used for. It also contains documentation and system requirements for the software. The Additional Information section contains any extra information about the offer, usually training and educational opportunities.

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