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Do you need to put your students into presentation or discussion groups? Sign up for office hours? Give mid-term feedback? Choosing between the Choice, Feedback, Group Choice, Questionnaire, and Scheduler can be difficult because there is quite a bit of overlap in functionality. This guide should assist you in choosing which is best for your purposes.

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   Choice  Feedback Group Choice  Questionnaire Scheduler 
 Multiple questions    Yes    Yes  
 Option limits  Yes    Yes    Yes
 Anonymous option    Yes    Yes  
 Auto-generated options      Yes    Yes
 Automatically graded        Yes  
 Automatically place students into groups      Yes    
 Can be used with separate groups  Yes  Yes    Yes  Yes


I want my students to sign up for group presentation time slots. There are just 5 options but I don't want more than 3 people to sign up for each.
I want my students to sign up for office hours. I want to set up 15 minute time slots with 5 minutes of buffer any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon all semester.
I want to ask several open and closed-ended questions about the course as midterm feedback. I would like students to be able to respond anonymously, but to receive a grade for completing the survey.
I want students to be split into discussion groups. I want each person in the group to choose a different discussion topic. I don't want more than one person in the same group to have the same topic.
I want my students to self-select a project group based on topics of interest.
Group Choice.

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