Learn@Illinois Moodle - Making Sure the Gradebook is Ready for Entering Final Scores

It is important to check a few things in your gradebook as the end of the semester approaches to make sure that students' grades are being calculated correctly. During our consultations, we find that many gradebooks have at least one error that affects students' final grades.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleGradebookFinal

In order to avoid giving inaccurate grades, it is important to check the following:

  • Make sure that all missing student grades are changed to zeros.
  • Verify that the "Gradebook setup page" matches the syllabus. See Setting up the Gradebook Using Percentages/Setting up the Gradebook Using Points for more information.
    • Remove all activities/items that should not be in the gradebook by deleting them from the course or setting their point values to zero.
    • Check the point values for each activity/item. Activity points can be edited on the "Edit settings" (or "Edit quiz") page of the activity itself.
    • Make sure that no activities/items are hidden.
  • Make sure that the Dropping the Lowest Score function is set up correctly.
  • Make sure that any Extra Credit is functioning properly.
  • View the Gradebook as a Student to double-check that things are as you would like them to be.

Of all of these, entering zeros for all empty grades is one of the most important to insure gradebook accuracy. For help on this, please see our Entering Zeros for Empty Grades help page.

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