ATLAS FormBuilder - Removing Period Restrictions for Selected Users

This tutorial explains how to remove period restrictions for selected users in the phase permission settings.
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Administrators can use phase permissions to give access to certain security groups within certain periods by selecting the option "Allow the selected users to interact with this phase outside of the associated period."

There are a few situations in which these period restrictions might be necessary or useful.  Giving a group access to the Data Collection phase (where they can fill out the form) outside of the designated period comes in handy when you want to:
  • Keep a registration form open to users that fall into one group, such as members of a club, while not allowing access to another group, such as Anonymous users
  • Give permission to a specific user who has extenuating circumstances or a conflict to fill out the form at an alternate time and date
  • Allow other administrators to have access without giving access to other form responders

1.) To set up this type of permission, select 'Phases' under the Data Collection and Form Lifecycle tab on your form's dashboard.

2.) Select the gear icon for the Data Collection phase.  This will open up a drop-down menu.  Select 'edit phase/permissions'.

3.) In the new box that pops up to the right, select either 'Add Permission' or 'Edit' depending on whether or not the permission already exists.

4.) A new window will pop up containing a blank form if you are adding a new permission, or one with your saved specifications if you are editing an existing permission.  

To give certain users access to the phase outside of the designated period, select the box(es) next to the 'Users' you wish to give permission to and then check the box next to 'Allow the selected users to interact with this phase outside of the associated period.'  

5.) Remember to save your changes!

For more information about form periods and phase permissions, check out ATLAS FormBuilder - How to Adjust Form Periods and ATLAS FormBuilder - Maximum registrants for period and waitlist features.

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