How do I get a course website

Engineering IT offers several options for course websites.


Engineering IT offers several options for instructors who want to provide websites for their courses.


Types of Course Websites

Illinois Compass 2G

While not an Engineering IT service, Compass2G ( is the campus provided course management software which is available to all faculty and instructors. Illinois Compass 2g simplifies the process of creating and editing courses, facilitates classroom collaboration, makes grading easier, streamlines the notification system of course updates, and allows you to customize the course to meet your needs. If you need the services of a full course management suite, use Compass.

Engineering Courses website

Engineering IT hosts course websites for instructors and course staff who want to use HTML and simple ASP or PHP scripts. Website directories along with term subfolders are automatically created for each course being taught as soon as they appear in the course catalog. Each term folder has a subfolder named "private", that is accessible only by the course staff for that term. There is also a subfolder named "secure" that is readable by currently enrolled students for that term, and is writable by the course staff for that term. The groups of currently enrolled students and current course staff are both capable of being augmented by the course staff. For example, the instructor for abc123 (as well as any identified course staff) is able to add students to the currently enrolled students group, abc-123-stu, as well as add her/his teaching assistants to the course staff group, abc-123-stf.

Illinois Wiki website

Technology Service provides a wiki using Atlassian Confluence software integrated with the campus Active Directory for authentication. Instructors and course staff may choose to use wiki spaces for their class websites. Some choose to have a new space created for each semester and others use a single space they edit each semester. Access to the space can be restricted to just students in the class by granting the appropriate wiki permissions to the course AD group. Class staff have full administrative access to their space which allows them to add permissions for groups and individuals. Students can be granted write access to wiki spaces

Requesting Access

Compass course website

Illinois Compass course websites can be requested from Technology Services using the Online Request Form at

Engineering Courses website

All Engineering courses being offered for a given term will have a corresponding directory created on within 2 business days of when the course is added to the course catalog. The course directory will have an associated URL created for it that takes the form of where "XXX" is the course subject code and "###" is the course number. Previous semester courses can be accessed by adding the 2 letter semester (sp, su, fa) and 4 digit year to the URL. For example: cs173 Spring 2012 can be seen at If a course has been added to the course catalog, and a corresponding course directory does not exist on, Engineering IT should be notified by sending email to with the appropriate term, course name and instructor(s) (if known).

See How to Edit and Manage your Engineering Course Website for more information about editing course websites on

Illinois Wiki website

You can email your request to or fill out this form Here is some helpful information that can be included:

  • Instructor name(s)
  • Course name and number
  • Default permissions wanted:
    • Instructor and course staff only
    • Registered students only
    • Anonymous

Redirected course website

If you choose to host your website somewhere other than on, you can still use that URL to refer to your course if you use a redirect. To redirect a course URL from, a member of the course staff needs to use the tool at to enter the location of the course website for that term. Engineering IT does not recommend redirecting a course website to an off campus resource. There are issues with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA, as well as potential support issues with hosting course data on resources not controlled by University of Illinois employees.

If an instructor chooses to have a Compass course website for his/her class, then redirecting the website for that class and term to the Compass site is an appropriate use of the redirect feature. Similarly, when an Engineering Wiki space is requested, Engineering IT staff will place the redirect of the for the appropriate class and term to the wiki space.

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