ECHO 360 - Viewing Course/Section Analytics

The Analytics tab for a section provides a variety of engagement and analytic data for students and the classes in your section.

The Analytics tab for a section provides a variety of engagement and analytic data for students and the classes in your section.

See What do the analytics mean? for detailed information on what each of the metrics actually tracks and displays across all classes and for individual classes.

Analytics for LIVE classes - There are some student participation statistics that cannot be applied or are tracked differently for live-streamed classes, because Echo360 has no concept of a "time stamp" of a live-stream. For example, "video views" apply to a processed video, not to a live-stream. If the student views the capture of the class again later, they will get credit for a video view. The graph (shown below) identifies time or location stamps for student activity in the class, but a live-stream doesn't have a trackable "time" until the capture is processed and published as a video. Notes word counts are tracked, as well as questions and responses. Activity participation and Presentation views are counted for any presentation also published to the class.

To view section analytics:

  • From the Class List page for a section, click the ANALYTICS tab.

The Classes page appears by default, providing overview information for All Classes.

The line-graph at the top shows the information by class date.

  • Selecting different metrics below the graph highlights or "bolds" that line on the graph. It also changes the unit of measure (X axis) on the graph appropriate to the metric selected.
    For example, clicking Video Views changes the measurement to a number, indicating how many times the video for the class was viewed.
  • Click Hide unselected below the metrics to remove the unselected lines from the graph.
  • Hover your mouse over a date - the metric buttons change to show the count/percentage for each item for that date.

Use the classes drop-down list above the graph to view engagement information for a specific class.

The Least engaged students list identifies which students do not appear to be participating in classes or class discussions. Get more information on student participation from the Student Analytics page.

The Confusing content list provides links to the class content locations that students have flagged as confusing.

TIP:  Review the Confusing content to determine what parts of your presentations students found confusing.

Screen cap of Section analytics

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