eLearning: Grainger College of Engineering Presentation Recording Classrooms

Engineering IT provides lecture or event recording in several classrooms across the Grainger College of Engineering. This includes assisting in the design of rooms to enable them for recording, support of the equipment within recording-enabled rooms, and storage/hosting of the recordings for later viewing.

For Support Contact Engineering IT at 217-333-1313 or email engrit-help-elearning@illinois.edu 

Automated Recordings Using Mediaspace

Several General Assignment and department classrooms located within the Grainger College of Engineering offer lecture capture recordings using Kaltura/Mediaspace. Engineering IT can schedule recordings for all classrooms with recording capabilities. 

Schedule recordings: https://go.illinois.edu/EngineeringLectureCaptureScheduling

Schedule a Recording for a Semester Length Course

Schedule a Recording for an Event

To schedule a non-recurring event recordings, email engrit-help-elearning@illinois.edu at least 24 hours prior to the event with the following information:

  • Event name
  • Building and room number
  • Day of event
  • Beginning and ending time of event recording

Publish Recordings in Canvas

View the Kaltura Integration Guide  to publish your recorded lecture within your Canvas course.

The table below indicates General Assignment and departmental classrooms within the Grainger College of Engineering with automated recording capabilities.

Grainger College of Engineering Lecture Capture Equipped Classrooms

General Assignment Classrooms

Departmental Classrooms

Technology Services provides and supports teaching and presentation equipment in general assignment classrooms.

Call 217-244-7000 or email consult@illinois.edu

For room reservations, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Engineering IT provides and supports teaching and presentation equipment in department classrooms.

Call 217-333-1313 or email engrit-help@illinois.edu

For room reservations, contact the department administrative office.

Siebel Center for Computer Science (SC)

1302 Siebel
1304 Siebel
1404 Siebel

0216 Siebel
1214 Siebel
2405 Siebel

Digital Computer Lab (DCL) 1310 DCL
1320 DCL
M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Student Center (Newmark)

1310 Yeh
1311 Yeh
2310 Yeh
2311 Yeh
2312 Yeh
3310 Yeh
Hydrosystems Labratory (HSL)

1017 HSL
2015 HSL
Coordinated Science Lab (CSL) B02 Auditorium
Engineering Hall (EH)


EH 403B2 (Studio A)
EH 410B1 (Studio B)
EH 410C1 (Studio C)

Transportation Building (TB)

101 TB
103 TB
112 TB
114 TB

Electrical & Computer Engineering Building (ECEB)
1002 ECEB
1013 ECEB
1015 ECEB
2013 ECEB
2015 ECEB
2017 ECEB
3013 ECEB
3015 ECEB
3017 ECEB
3081 ECEB
Ceramics Building (CER)

214 CER
218 CER

Material Science & Engineering Building (MSEB) 100 MSEB
119 MSEB
Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building (LuMEB) 2200 LuMEB 4100 LuMEB
Loomis Labratory 141 LOOMIS

Everitt Labratory (EL)

1302 EL
1306 EL
2101 EL
2233 EL
2310 EL
3117 EL
3217 EL

0201 EL
0215 EL
1103 EL
3109 EL

Campus Instructional Facility (CIF)

0027/1025 CIF
2018 CIF
2035 CIF
3018 CIF
3031 CIF
3039 CIF

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