Purchasing: How do you trigger an inventory form to be sent to a purchaser?

trigger an inventory form

  1. Go to the Purchasing app (My.Engr is what I’ve been using, it’s much harder to tell what buttons are disabled in My.MRL)

  2. Create Order as a User (Office works, too, but doesn’t include the list of account codes)

  3. Enter whatever until #4, Items. 

    1. For items to test, make sure the Price is at least $500 (each, not total)

    2. For items to test to make sure they aren’t included in this change, enter less than $500 in the Price field  
  4. Fill everything else out as normal and submit the order.

  5. Return to the main Purchasing page, find and view the submitted order (it should be at the bottom of the Approved Requests view)

  6. In the Order Info, click “Edit”.

  7. Select the “Banner Requisition” radio button, enter anything into the box to the right for the Reg Number, and click Save.

  8. Click the “Processed” button, and then “Confirm”. 

    1. Optional: Click the “Purchased” button, and then “Confirm”. Enter any PO Number, any Purchase date, and click Save.
  9. After all of this, you can now scroll down the page to the Items container and, Under the “Receive Items” tab, click “Create & Send Inventory Form” (and “Confirm”) 

    1. Before clicking this, the “Receive Items” and “Inventory” lists of items are the same. The Inventory Form is where they get broken apart if they each need to be inventoried separately.
  10. The Inventory form link will get sent out in a test email that goes wherever those go for you. It should list a number of items equivalent to the items on the order that have a value of $500 or more.

  11. Once you submit the form, return to the order page. The [View Item Form] link should now be active for all the items on the inventory form.

  12. Clicking on that will let you enter a PTag, Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Location Code, and Commodity Code. Those last two check against the EDW directly, so here’s a couple valid ones for testing purposes: 

    1. Location Code: 100911, 102060, 112655

    2. Commodity Code: 20453, 20454, 20455
  13. The “Create Inventory Record” appears to check your inputs and then insert the info into the Inventory table.

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