Office 365, Email, Exchange, Setting up Pine or Alpine

How to manually configure Pine/Alpine for use with O365 email.

Configuring Pine or Alpine on Linux for O365 Email

Technology Services doesn't officially support Pine or Alpine, but we attempt to provide "best effort" support based on available resources and knowledge.

These instructions are based on CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core) on Alpine 2.21. 

After installing Alpine complete the following steps from the command line:

  1. Type alpine and press Enter.
  2. At the main menu for alpine, select Setup.
  3. At the setup screen for alpine, press "C" to enter the configuration options of alpine.
  4. Set the values listed below after updating the bold text to reflect your name and email address. Alpine will have additional options that you can leave unchanged.
  5. Once you have set the values and entered your password when prompted, press "E" to Exit Setup and press "Y" to confirm.
Personal Name = LastName, FirstName
User Domain =
SMTP Server (for sending) =
Inbox Path = {}Inbox
Default Fcc (File carbon copy) = {}Sent Items
Default Saved Message Folder = {}Archive
Postponed Folder = {}Drafts
Trash Folder = {}Deleted Items

*** Special thanks to Pat Szuta of ATLAS for pointing to some helpful documentation at another university, which has since removed their support page for Pine and Alpine.

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