LAS Framework - Mini Slider Image

Adding and Editing mini slider images for LAS Framework sites that show on certain pages.
Mini sliders are based on the large featured images used on the front page of many sites.  A Mini slider display must be installed on particular pages by the LAS web team, but once installed, the images can be managed by site Editors.

Adding a Slider Image

You must be logged in as an Editor role or higher to add Mini Slider Images
  1. Under the Manage menu at the top of your page, click the Content option
  2. Click the blue + Add Content button just below the content heading
  3. Click Mini Slider Image on the list of available Content Types.
  4. Complete the following fields
    1. Title  - The main title of the article.  This will show as the large text in a banner on the image.
    2. Body – Smaller text that may show on the image below the title.  Most mini sliders are too small to use this field effectively and the text here will not be shown.
    3. Image The actual image to be uploaded and shown.  Uploaded images will be shown in full and not cropped.  If images of different sizes are shown in the same slider, the images may appear to jump around a bit.
      1. Alternative Text - A short phrase or sentence describing the image.
    4. Slider Image Box Color/LocationAllows you to set the color and location of the box behind the title text.
    5. Slider Image URL/Link Text Allows you to specify a url to take the user to when the image or the text is clicked
    6. Department/Custom Tags Tags control which mini slider images will show up in each location throughout the site.  When the ATLAS Web team installs your new mini slider display, they will give you instructions on which tag selections are right for your location.  Check the department tag boxes or type in the custom tag name to set the correct tags.
    7. Click the Save button

Editing an Existing Mini Slider Image

You must be logged in as an Editor role or higher to edit Featured Images
  1. Under the Manage menu at the top of your page, click the Content option.
  2. Set the Content Type filter to be Mini Slider Image and click the Filter button.  This will limit the options to only Mini Slider Image items.
  3. Select the item you want to edit and click the Edit button in the far right column.
  4. Make changes to any fields you need to update and click the Save button.
  5. To remove the entry entirely, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Delete button.

Mini Slider layout options

Mini Sliders are inspired by the large image carousel on the front of your site, however each location they are used in your site may call for a different layout option.  Below are some of the options available, but talk to the LAS Web team about your needs to find the best solution.
  1. Image only - This options will simply display decorative images on your page and rotate through them.
  2. Image with decorative text - This option adds text to the images, but it is only for display and not interactive
  3. Image with interactive text - In this instance, you can provide a link for each image and users can click the text on the image to go to the page you reference.

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