Illinois Compass 2g, Using Section Information to Create Smart Views

A smart view allows you to arrange your Grade Center by roster sections or other roles to provide a more meaningful arrangement of the members of your course.


Follow the steps below to set up your Grade Center by Section, or view a video tutorial linked here:

This is the initial roster.  Note the Section column is populated with the course rubric, number, and section information.

Screenshot of initial roster

Beginning to make the Smart View

The Smart View reduces the number of students displayed on the screen in the Grade Center. 

Start by clicking on the Manage button and select Smart Views.

Screenshot for starting to make smart views

Smart Views Management

Click on the Create Smart View button.

Managing smart views screenshot

Complete the forms with information that makes sense to you and the other instructors and teaching assistants in your course.

Screenshot for creating a smart view

Select Performance as your Type of View in 2. Selection Criteria.

Under Select Criteria, choose Grade on Section (Text) from the dropdown menu.  Set the Condition to Equal to and then type in the Discussion Section information as it is displayed in the Grade Center.  Remember it takes your Course Rubric_###_SectionName.

Click Submit.

Screenshot of editing a smart view

At this point, click on the grayed out star to make it a favorite. This will make it display when anyone opens up the Grade Center in the Course Management menu. Click the OK button in lower right corner.

Screenshot view of favorited Smart Views

Your new Smart View should appear under the Grade Center options when it is open.

Screenshot of full grade center

At this point, click on your Smart View.

Screenshot of clicking on smart view

The Smart View is now much shorter and contains only the students whose performance in Section matches the section data that was entered with the roster upload.

The shortened view of Smart Views

Common Questions about Smart Views

What happens if a student transfer to a different section?

The student will be moved to the smart view set up for his new discussion section.

What happens if another TA deletes a Smart View?

The student data is still there.  However, you will have to make a new Smart View.

Is there any other way to add a Smart View?

You can also create a Smart View using group membership as criteria to be included in the Smart View.

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