Endpoint Services, Adobe Creative Cloud 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020

Endpoint Services-specific information about Adobe Creative Cloud 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)
Munki Mac Endpoint Management

Affected Customers

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) and/or Munki Mac Endpoint Management systems, hosted by Technology Services' Endpoint Services team.


General Information

In Fall 2022, Adobe released Creative Cloud 2023, which continues support for the Named User and Shared Device license models.

  • The EPS MECM service offers both Named User and Shared Device versions of Creative Cloud 2023 titles. 
  • New: the EPS Munki service offers Named User versions of Creative Cloud 2023 titles, along with a separate Shared Device License package for devices that should receive it.

Please read the UofI Webstore's KB article for the most current details about Creative Cloud Named User and Shared Device licensing and activation. This supplemental article relates specifically to EPS packages and deployment.

Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC also uses the new licensing model, and Adobe has recently updated Acrobat DC's Named User licensing. Please read this article for more information. For MECM stakeholders, future releases will be under “\Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications\MANAGED APPLICATIONS\Adobe\Acrobat DC\*”. Munki stakeholders should use either adobe_acrobat_dc_nul or adobe_acrobat_dc_sdl.

EPS Packages

Due to the login requirements, all MECM and Munki-provided Creative Cloud packages include the Creative Cloud Desktop Application. In addition, all MECM and Munki-provided versions have updates disabled.

  • For MECM stakeholders, please continue to use the Adobe Remote Update Manager package, under “\Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Packages”, to manage updates.
  • For Munki stakeholders, we encourage the use of Adobe Remote Update Manager packages in the MTM service to manage Create Cloud updates.
  • For convenience, the EPS Munki team creates and maintains the following UofI-level manifests that can be incorporated into your unit's manifest structure, or you may choose to create your own. If you are unsure about how to use these manifests, please contact the EPS team.
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2023_nul_managed_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2023_nul_optional_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2023_sdl_managed_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2023_sdl_optional_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2022_nul_managed_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2022_nul_optional_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2022_sdl_managed_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2022_sdl_optional_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2021_nul_managed_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2021_nul_optional_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2021_sdl_managed_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_2021_sdl_optional_installs
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_cc2020_nul_managed_uninstalls
    • UofI_licensed_adobe_cc2020_sdl_managed_uninstalls
  • ** Important: On May 1, 2023, all Adobe 2020 titles and EPS-maintained Adobe 2020 manifests will be archived from the Munki service.**

Installation with Previous Versions

Installation of EPS-provided Creative Cloud packages will generally behave as expected in terms of interactions with previous versions, with a handful of exceptions for the Munki service.

  • MECM-provided packages will continue to replace previous versions as in the past.
  • Munki-provided packages will allow side-by-side installations with previous versions with the exception of the following titles that do not adhere to an annual release cadence: Acrobat DC, Dimension, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Premiere Rush, Substance 3D Designer/Painter/Sampler/Stager, and XD. These will all overwrite previous versions.

Getting Help

For MECM or Munki-related questions, contact the EPS team; for questions about the Adobe changes, email webstore@illinois.edu.

Contact the EPS team

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