EDDIE/Web Intelligence Rich Client - Cell References

References are shortcuts to cells whose data you want to reuse.

Cell references allow you to store the value of a cell in any report in your Web Intelligence Document and use it elsewhere. This can be useful if you want to repeatedly use value from an object in your report in another area.

For example, you can use reference to create a summary report that references figures from other reports. At refresh time, references are replaced by the content of their target cells. References can be consumed in an entire document and used for conditional formats or any other calculation.

  • In Design mode (ALT+2), select and right-click the cell you want to create a reference to.

Assign refs in menu

  • In the Assign Reference window, provide a name and (optionally) a description for the reference. Click OK.

Assign refs window

  • The reference will now show up at the bottom of the Document Object section in the Main panel. It can be used like any other object in the list.

Ref in doc objects

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