Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using Single View to Grade

Learn how to quickly and easily enter grades for manual grade items. This can be handy to enter grades for paper-based assignments or other assignments that are not submitted by students within Moodle. This method also works for overriding grades.
For a permanent link to this information, please use: https://go.illinois.edu/MoodleSingleView
  1. From the course homepage, click Grades.
    Click Grades
  2. Click Grader report and select Single view.
    Click Grader report and select Single view
  3. Click Grade items.
    Click Grade items
  4. Click Select a grade item and select the assignment that you would like to grade.
    Click Select a grade item and select it
  5. Toggle Edit mode on.
    Toggle Edit mode on by clicking on the right side of the image of the switch
  6. Enter grades and feedback for students.
    Sample grades and feedback entered for two students
    Note: The screenshot below is for a manual grade item. If you grade an activity in Moodle like a quiz or assignment this way, this is understood to override the grades and the "Override" checkbox must be checked. 
    Note: This feedback will show up for students whenever they view their grades for the course. To view the gradebook as a student, see Viewing the Course and Gradebook as a Student.
    Note: If you have a lot of students, you can change the "Items per page" at the bottom left to a higher number so that all students will all display on one page.
  7. Press Save. Save often to prevent data loss.
    Save button

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