Policies and Procedures for Access Requests in the Siebel Center

Outlines policies and procedures for any door access requests in the Siebel Center.
Access Requests
The following policies apply to all access requests sent to elock.
  • All requests made by non-cs faculty and staff need approval from a CS faculty or staff member.

  • All access must have an expiration. If an expiration date is not provided, Engineering IT will default it to one year. The maximum amount of time that can be requested for a student (graduate or undergraduate) is 5 years. The expiration date does not apply to permanent University staff or faculty requests.

  • All requests for access or scheduling will be responded to in 24 hours during the business week. Most requests are resolved within 48 hours however if you need additional permissions from faculty or CS to complete your request it can take longer. Engineering IT does not process requests on weekends or holidays.

Undergraduate Students

The following policies apply to undergraduate access requests:

  • Undergraduate students can only receive access to the main entry doors if they are currently taking a CS course or have permission from a CS faculty or staff member.
  • Undergraduate students are not able to have swipe access to the service rooms or conference rooms. However, they can reserve a conference room through the CS academic office in room 1210.

  • If an undergraduate student is part of a RSO, they may be granted access through the RSO president.

  • Students who are part of a CS RSO may also have main entry access through their room approval but main entry would need to be specifically requested. 

  • If an undergraduate student is part of a research group and needs access to specific offices, they can be granted access through the approval of a CS faculty or staff member.

CS Graduate Students

The following policies apply to all CS graduate students:
  • Graduate students are granted access to the Siebel service rooms, conference rooms, main entry, lunch room, and kitchen. 

  • Graduate students are granted access to their offices at the beginning of the semester through a grad student import.

  • Graduate students who do not have access to their offices or need access to different offices can only be granted access through an approval of a CS faculty or staff.

TA’s and CA’s

The following policies apply to all TA's and CA's:
  • TA’s and CA’s will need approval from a CS faculty or staff member in order to be granted access to their TA room.

  • Some TA’s and CA’s can also be granted access by their professor adding their name in the managed group portal that is linked to the appropriate room. To find out if you already have access through your course or group check the following article before sending in a request: https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois.engineering/internal/95652 

Visitor Keys

The following policies apply to anyone requesting or using a visitor key:
  • In order for Engineering IT to issue a visitor keys, we will need the following information:

        -netid of the user or name

        -netid of the CS faculty or staff responsible

        -start date of the card and expiry date

        -room numbers that need to be on the key

  • After the key has expired or is no longer in use, it needs to be returned to the Siebel Helpdesk in room 2302.

  • The use of a visitor key from the Siebel Helpdesk is intended for temporary use only. Typically, the keys are active for days or in certain cases, a couple of weeks at most. Any guests or visiting scholars that are staying longer than a month will need to request a sponsored netid and get a temporary i-card.  The paperwork and process for getting a temporary i-card for your guest is documented here: https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois/48211. This paperwork needs to be filled out by the department or Professor who is sponsoring the guest.

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