Digital Signage, Default Content Player Configuration Device Settings

This document summarizes the default device settings that are installed using the FourWinds generated installation for the 5.11.1 Enterprise Upgrade
The installers for Content Player overwrite the existing devicesettings.xml file that stores the player configurations. The new devicesettings.xml is necessary as it allow for configuring FWi Services to be able to deploy digital signs. These settings include a user and password to connect to the service which would otherwise need to be manually configured.
Below are the default settings in the new devicesettings.xml file that will installed on your content player:

To verify the settings, open Content Player Configuration on the signage player

(Press the letter C if Content Player is running  |  If the player is stopped, Content Player Configuration is available in the Start menu > Four Winds Interactive)


Control tab

Default Desktop Options enabled by installer:

  •  Behave as principal application: Hides the mouse cursor when Content Player is running in default desktop mode

Channels tab
Default Desktop Options enabled by installer:
  • Retrieve deployment from a server (checked)
    • Polling Interval: 01:00:00
      • NOTE: New deployments are not automatic as Content Player checks in with the server at the polling interval to see if a new deployment is available.
      • This could be set to a lower time to check more often, but please do not set to less than 00:15:00 as it creates additional load on the deployment server.
  • Deployment ID: this will be the set to the variable to pull the computer's name
  • Connection Properties:
  • Protocol: FWI Services
  • Hostname:
  • Username: <see image>
  • Password: <suppressed>
  • Upload Status and Screenshot: Reflects whether the player is currently checking for deployments at the set interval. Active means either no Deployment retrieval schedule has been set to limit when the player checks for deployments, or the current time is within the set retrieval schedule.
NOTE: The Connection properties are required to be able to deploy to the sign as we will no longer use the network share method. If these fields are not populated on your player, please submit a ticket to with the name of the player and we will work with you to enter the password.
NOTE: The Subscriptions section is not part of the installer and comes from Content Manager Desktop. In order to subscribe your players to receive the Illini-Alert emergency channel, please submit a ticket to with the name of the players to subscribe.
Device tab

Default Desktop Options enabled by installer:
  • (unchecked) Allow player data to be accessed as a network share: Check to not use the default permissions on the share folder the player machine uses to receive deployments from Content Manager. Manually set the permissions based on the company’s security policies.
  • Log screenshot every: (02:00:00)
  • Upload Logs to FWI Cloud every: (00:30:00) System logs will be viewable by service administrators in FWi Cloud Device Manager.

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