Adding non-ChBE / Chemistry grads and post-docs to ChBE / Chemistry mailing lists and access to ChemOffice

Procedure to add people to the Chemistry announcement lists and give them access to ChemOffice through the WebStore.

Search for the student

Sometimes faculty will send us a list of ALL grad students, not being sure which have ChBE or Chemistry appointments. So the first step is to be sure that the student is not already in the Chemistry Directory.

  • Log into the directory management page at
  • Be sure that "Unit" is Chemistry or Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering as appropriate.
  • Be sure that the "Select Personnel Category" box is empty. 
    • If not, click on the down-arrow, and select the top (empty) choice
  • Type the student's name or NetID into the "Search" box.  Be sure that "Current" (this is the default) is selected and click on the Search button.
  • If the student is already in the directory, their name will appear in a table.  No further action is required.  
  • If the student is NOT in the directory, you will get a response that reads: 
    • There were no results found matching that criteria. Please try again.
  • If so, go on to the next section, "Adding a student to the Auxiliary Users group

Adding someone to the Auxiliary Users group

  • Click the down arrow under "Select Personnel Category" and select Auxiliary Users. A field titled "Add by Name, NetID, UIN" will appear to the right of the other fields. 


  • Type the NetID of the person that you want to add here. As you type, possible matches will appear. 
  • Click on the name of the person that you want to add and click the Add button.
  • The user's directory page will appear. 


  • Edit the following fields: 
    • Descriptive Title: This will help us identify grad students or postdocs (vs. others who are added to Auxiliary Users for other reasons)
    • Supervisor NetID: This will help us know who to ask for future renewals
    • Date start: Set this to the day before today - it will help later on to determine when someone was added. 
    • Date end (if desired):  You can assign a date when the individual should drop out of the Auxiliary Users list if you wish
      • NOTE: If you do not assign an end date, the person will need to be removed manually. 
    • Groups: In the "Groups" section, click on the drop-down under Name and select the appropriate group. Be sure to hit the [+] button, or the person will not be added. 
      • The add is successful when their entry changes and looks like this:


  • To remove someone from the "Extra – Grads" or "Extra – Postdocs" group, simply click the [X] after the group that they are in, and they will be removed. Then click on Save Changes under their profile picture.
  • chebegrad4.pngIf the user has left the University altogether, you can also click on the Archive button and they will no longer appear in the "Auxiliary Users" group. 

NOTE:  This procedure also gives the grad student or postdoc access to the ChemOffice offer through the WebStore. 

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