PaperCut - Using the Xerox Copiers in CLSL A114, CLSL 131, and RAL 15

How to use the copiers in CLSL A114, CLSL 131, and RAL 15 for both Windows and Mac.

Using The Copier

1. Swipe your i-Card to log into the printer. If you do not have your i-Card, you can also login by pressing the button on the screen and using your NetID and password. 
2. Select the CFOP you wish to use or select your Personal Account to use IlliniCash. 
IMPORTANT: If you do not select an account, your Personal Account WILL be charged instead by default.

3. If you are faculty or staff and do not see a CFOP that you should have access to, contact to request access. 
    If you are a student, have your PI contact us ( on your behalf so we know you are permitted access. 
4. Once you are logged in, you can release print jobs or start copy jobs.

List of Printers

 CLSLA114 SCS_CLSL_A114_Xerox Xerox WorkCentre 7845
 RAL15 SCS_RAL_15_Xerox Xerox WorkCentre 7845
 IMP Office (CLSLA131) SCS_CLSL_IMP_Xerox Xerox AltaLink C8055
Printing Directly from Windows
1. Download the Windows PaperCut Client from
2. Unpack the "" file (where XX is a version number) and run "client-local-install.exe" to install the PaperCut Client
3. Run the PaperCut Client. When it is running, there will be a little PaperCut icon in the task bar. 
4. Open the Control Panel, select Devices and Printers, then Add A Printer. Immediately click "The printer that I want isn't listed" 
5. Click the radio button for "select a shared printer by name" and type the following command in the text box: (See above for names. Include all underscores)
6. If you are prompted to login at any point, put your university NetID (formatted as uofi\[NetID]) and password.
7. Do a test print to make sure it is working. 
a. To release the print job, go to and click on "Jobs Pending Release".  
8. If you have no access to accounts or the account you need is not there, contact for assistance. 
9. If these steps do not work, see below for additional steps that need to be taken after Microsoft released patches to printing. 

Group Policy Object change to allow printing after PrintNightmare patch

  1. Go to "Computer Configuration", "Administrative Templates", "Printers" and select "Point and Print Restrictions".

  2. Select "Enabled"

  3. Check "Users can only Point and Print to these servers"

  4. In the box, put in the following:;

  5. When installing drivers for a new connection: Do not show warning or elevation prompt.

  6. When updating drivers for an existing connection: Do not show warning or elevation prompt.

 Adding a printer to a non-domain computer

After doing the Group Policy Object change above, add the printer using this method if the computer is not bound to the domain (you don't log in with your Netid and Password, instead you log in with a local account)
  1. Download the appropriate PCL6 V3 driver from Xerox (IMP Xerox = Altalink C8055, RAL15 and CLSL114 = Workcentre 7845, Mailroom = D95) and extract it somewhere you'll remember
  2. Control panel -> Devices and Printers
  3. Select Add a Printer at the top of the page
  4. Select "The printer I want isn't listed"
  5. On the next page "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings"
  6. Select "Create a New Port" and select "local port"
  7. in the box put \\\PRINTER_NAME (example \\SCS_CLSL_IMP_XEROX)
  8. On the Select driver page, click "Have Disk" and browse to the extracted driver from step 1
  9. Select the proper printer model after selecting the Driver
  10. Give the printer a name that makes sense
  11. Print a test page to make sure the PCClient works right and the printer works.
  12. It probably won't load the proper finisher for the printer, so that will need to be done manually
  13. right click on the printer and select Printer Properties
  14. Under the configuration tab, click on the finisher and select the proper one for the printer (IMP = Office Finisher LX, RAL15,CLSL114 = Office Finisher LX, )
Printing Directly from Mac
1. Download the Mac PaperCut Client: by clicking on the ... [More Options] button, and select download. 
2. Unzip the "" file, and copy the "PCClient" folder into the applications directory by holding the Option key while dragging the icon. 
3. Launch the PCClient.  You'll get a popup that the application was downloaded - click "Allow". 
a. If you want the client to launch automatically, open System Preferences --> Users and Groups
  b. Select your user account and then the "Login Items" tab. Click the '+' to add PCClient to automatically open. 
4. Download the MacOS Common Driver from the same site as above.  We will try to keep the most recent Mac Driver for Xerox in the above link with the PCClient installer.  However, if you have problems printing, you may need a newer driver.  Please contact if you need assistance with this. 
5. Open the .dmg file, and double-click on the "Xerox Print Driver XX.pkg" file (where XX is the driver version). 
a. When you get to the "Install Xerox Printer", click "Continue".  Do not install a printer. 
b. When you're finished with the install, you can move the installer to the Trash when prompted.  
6. Go to System Preferences --> Printers and Scanners and click '+' to add a printer. 
a. NOTE: If you do not have the "advanced" gear, press the "Control" key and click next to the search box and select "Customize Toolbar...".  Drag the gear onto the toolbar to add it. 
7. Click on the Advanced gear. Wait while it searches. 
8. Select "Windows printer via spoolss" for the type. 
9. For the URL, type: smb://[printer_name_here]   (See table above for printer names. Include all underscores)
10. Change the name field to something descriptive for yourself. 
11. Under "Use" choose "Select Software". Select the printer's model, shown in the table above
12. Click to add. Log in using your NetID and password when prompted. 
13. Do a test print to make sure it is working. 
a. To release the print job, go to and click on "Jobs Pending Release".  

14. If you have no access to accounts or the account you need is not there, contact for assistance. 

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