Adobe Sign - Send Page

Sending files out to be signed or otherwise acted upon is done through this window. Below is information on the various options available to the sender.

Adobe Sign can be accessed here:

The Send page can be accessed by clicking Send at the top of your Adobe Sign Home page.

Of Send Page icon in Adobe Sign tabs


Here you can enter which recipient emails to receive the document(s) you attach below.  If "Complete in Order" is chosen, the first recipient must complete their duty regarding the documents before the next recipient can view and edit the documents.  
You have the option of including a private message to each recipient that only they will receive.

Authentication - Beside each recipient is a blue dropdown menu that appears when clicking Image of Authentication tab that leads to dropdown menu.

Email - The recipient will not be prompted to login to anything. They will receive an email from Adobe Sign to access documents.
Password - The sender (you) will set a password they know (a prompt will appear when selecting this option) and it must be entered by the recipient to access documents.
Social - The recipient must login to an accepted Social Media account, such as Facebook or Google, before accessing documents.
Adobe Sign - The recipient must create an Adobe Sign account before accessing documents.  

To edit the order of the recipients list, simply mouse over a recipient and drag them to the desired place in the list.


This will be sent to all recipients when they receive the Adobe Sign email with all documents attached.  


Here you can attach files that must be read and/or filled out by recipients.
Accepted file formats include: .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .txt, .ppt, .rtf, .jpg, .png, .html, and more.

The files can be various types and will all be sent as a single pdf that Adobe Sign will create when you go on to the next page in the sending process.  

Templates are available by clicking Add Files to the right.

Preview & Add Signature Fields Checkbox

Image of the Preview and Add Sig Field Checkbox

This checkbox, when check-marked, will proceed to the Editing section of the sending process. Here, you will be able to preview pre-set fields and add new fields, if needed.
Note: It is recommended you keep this checked and to preview the fields in the document so there are no errors.

If this checkbox is not check-marked, the documents will send as-is to the recipients and they will be allowed to "sign" at the bottom of the documents to signify their approval and signature in the Adobe system.


Password Protect - This password, when set, will be the password you (the sender) needs to enter to view the materials after they have been sent to recipients.  It is a form of security to prevent personal information from being accessed.

Completion Deadline - If the full process of document completion is not done by this set date, the process will nullify and need to be completed from scratch starting at the Send page. 

For even more info on Adobe Sign, U of I Tech Services has an answers page:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your ACES IT Pro. You can find your department's IT contact information here:

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