MacOSx - Remote Connecting to a Windows Computer

Below are the instructions for using a Macbook or similar MacOSx-using computer to connect remotely to a Windows computer.

Installing Microsoft Remote Desktop

1.  Go to the App Store and download Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) to your computer.  Below is an image of which app you need to download.

Image of the app icon for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Creating a remote connection to the Windows Computer using Microsoft Remote Desktop

1.  Open Microsoft Remote Desktop from your Applications folder.  Click the plus icon labeled New, highlighted below, and another window will open asking for remote computer information (shown in the second image below).

Image of first screen for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Image of window for adding remote computer info.

2.  It is recommended that Connection Name be the remote computer's name visible when logging in. (e.g. ACES-HD15X12)  If you are not sure what the remote computer's name is, open System from the Control Panel settings in that computer.  (The System window is shown in an image below step 3 with the computer name highlighted in red)

3.  PC Name will have either the computer's name, example shown above, or the IP address of the remote computer they are trying to access.   To obtain the IP address of the remote computer, log in to it and open the Command Prompt.  Type in ipconfig /all and search for the Ethernet Adapter from the results.  The IPv4 address listed is what you will put in PC Name on Microsoft Remote Desktop.  If you are unsure about which IP address to use, please contact your IT pro.

System screen with device name highlighted.

4.  User name will be uofi\yournetID and enter your netID password. Now close that window.

5.  Select the connection now visible in the list of remote desktops and click Start.

You should now be connected to the remote computer!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your ACES IT Pro. You can find your department's IT contact information here:

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