Software Center - Adobe Acrobat won't update

IT departments send out updates to applications they support via Software Center on Windows computers. Sometimes, those updates require certain things to be done on the computer for the update to happen and succeed. Adobe Acrobat is one of the most demanding apps when it requires an update through Software Center. This document shows you how to update the app in Software Center without too much hassle.

To update Adobe Acrobat through Software Center, certain applications must be completely closed to update successfully.  These applications are: Microsoft Office apps and Adobe apps. But most importantly, are Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Normally, to close an application you click the red X at the top right of the window to close it or right click the app in the taskbar located in the bottom.  But this does not close Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.  These apps just minimize themselves and still run in the background.  

How to turn off Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

1. Go to the bottom right of the taskbar and find the Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams icons.  The icons and their locations are shown in the image below.  
Note: You may have to lick the ^ button in that area to show more icons find them.

Taskbar tray icons for MS Teams and Skype for Business.

2. Right-click each of these and click Exit.  This fully closes the applications.

Now, you can update Adobe Acrobat below!

How to update Adobe Acrobat through Software Center

1. After doing the above steps, go to the bottom left of the screen to the Windows search bar and type in Software Center.  Open the top result, pictured below.

Top Search Result for Software Center.

2. Click on Installation Status in the left-hand column.  

3. Click on Adobe Acrobat from the list of applications.

4. Click Update.  Then, after a while, it's updated!

Tip: The other Software Center updates can be done much quicker and easier, feel free to queue them up after clicking Update under Adobe Acrobat to get your computer fully up to date!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your ACES IT Pro. You can find your department's IT contact information here:

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