ACES Technology services, Turner Hall W121

This room is a Crop Sciences and Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences Classroom.

Room Information

  • For more information/training on this room, please contact us at:
    • E-mail:
    • Phone: (217) 244-6407 
  • To Reserve the room: Click here and enter the required information. 
  • This room accommodates up to 40 attendees. For information on other classrooms in Turner Hall: Click here  

Equipment in this room

  • Resident Desktop Computer with Monitor
  • Wireless Presentation Device
  • 2 TV Screens
  • Projector
  • Speaker/Microphone
  • USB Port on Lectern for PC
  • Touch Panel (source options include VGA, HDMI, PC, Wireless)  
  • Logitech pointer presented on Resident Desktop- Assists with slide navigation and laser pointer 



Connections and Adapters Available

  • HDMI  hdmi
  • VGA  vga
  • Dell 4-in-1 Adapter (includes: HDMI, USB-A, Ethernet, VGA)

Meeting options

Useful links

How to use the Wireless Presentation device: Click here
View pictures of the room: Click here
Helpful Zoom information: Click here 

How to use the Touch Panel

Touch Panel guide

1. Touch the Screen to Begin


2. Select Lectern at the top on the left


3. There are 4 options to Present: 

    • Select PC, if presenting through the resident computer, enter your UIUC login credentials
    • Select Wireless Presenter, if presenting through WIFI device.
    • Select HDMI or VGA if connecting your device through these ports
  • If Presenting through Wireless Device:


    •  Select the Wireless Presenter option on the Touch Panel


    • The Solstice app should already be installed on your system if not please install the app by going to the Web browser, enter the URL shown on the screen (In this case,  
    • The screen on your device will display two options:
      • Install Solstice pod (Click this to install the app)
      • Already have my app installed (Click this to open the app)
    • After opening the app, enter the 4 digit code displayed on the screen on to the app.
    • The app will list all the classrooms
    • Click on the desired classroom to present
    • Click on the required screen to share from the mobile device from the app, press share
    • The Device will Start Presenting
    • Disconnect the device when done with presenting

4. When done please click, System off and Power Down if there are no other classes


Room Pictures

View from the Lectern                                                                                            View from the back of the object                         

view1              2

Picture of the Lectern with equipment                                                                   View from the side back

view3              view4                                                       


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