ACES Technology services, Turner Hall Seminar Presentation Guide

This document is a Guide for the Host and the Presenter/Guest for Seminars held in W109, Turner Hall

For more information, please contact us at:
Phone: (217) 244-6407 

Sections of the Document:

  1. Overview of the W109 Technology Enhanced Classroom
  2. Guide for the Host
  3. Guide for the Presenter/Guest

Room W109 Overview

Pictures of W109

Room View                                                                                                          Equipment View

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For more details about this room: Click here

Guide for the Host

Key notes for the Host

1. Elaborate the Presenter/Guest about the seminar being recorded and shared with the Class Rosters, Faculty and Staff of the department. For more details please visit this link: Lecture Capture Details

2. Get the Host to sign the video consent waiver if needed

3. Understand the Operation of the room. Please email us to request for a room tour

4. During the presentation, make sure that the Instructors/Guest Speakers must wear a microphone for the voice to be captured for the recordings

5. After the seminar, IT will crop the video and post it to the department's respective channel to be viewed by the Class Rosters, Faculty and Staff of the department

6. Share this article with the Presenter/Guest. We have a guide for the Presenter/Guest below

Guide for the Presenter/Guest

We have a section about Room overview above, please have a look at the room document for a better understanding.

1. We need the Presenter/Guest to note that the seminar is recorded and shared with the Class Rosters, Faculty and Staff of the department

2. Ways to Present

  • Resident PC- Recommended, please have your presentation saved to a USB flash drive or to any cloud services and copy the contents to PC before presenting to avoid any delay
  • Personal Device- Connection to the room will be made through wireless device. We request you to contact us at, and set up a time before the presentation to install Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote, which helps with the navigation of slides with the pointer

    • HDMI-not an option: We noticed that the recording sometimes does not capture the presentation slides while connected through HDMI, therefore it is important to screen share through the network

3. During the presentation, have the lapel microphone at a distance of the second button on the shirt from top and please make sure to have it switched ON

4. After the conclusion of the seminar, IT will crop the video to include only the seminar bits and publish it to the respective channels, for the Class Rosters, Faculty and Staff of the department to view 

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