ACES Email Lists - View list member email addresses as text

Occasionally, there will be times when you need to export a list of subscriber email addresses from Lists @ ACES. For example, if you're copying the email addresses into the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook, Email+, Excel, or other system. We've made this process simple. Just follow the steps below!

NOTE: This is only available for public lists. If you need a list of subscribers for an email communication, but can't use this method, please contact the list owner(s) and/or your friendly neighborhood IT office.

1. Once you have located and opened the email list you want, click "Review Members" in the left-hand column

Image of ACES lists review members link

2. Click the "View list member email addresses (text only)" link

Image of link - ACES Email lists - Manage subscribers - view email addresses

3. You will see a list of email addresses displayed as text

Image of list of email addresses in text format

4. Select some or all of the addresses, as needed, and copy/paste into another application (i.e. Email+ Group Manager, Excel spreadsheet, Outlook email To: field, etc.)

Image of email addresses in a list, selected for copying

5. When you're done, you can hit the Back button on the browser to return to the Review Members page in Lists @ ACES

To use this exported list in WebTools Email+ and Group Manager, follow the steps provided by Public Affairs at this link.

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