ACES Digital Signage: Sharing internal and external content on ACES signage

An explanation on how to create and share signage content for internal and external content creators
In order for content to be displayed on the ACES digital signs, it must be created with the "ACES Digital Sign Template" power point file. This keeps content looking similar throughout ACES and ensures the ACES signs are branded accordingly. Once the content item has been created with the template, it can then be shared with the ACES sign managers. Posting of the content to their signs is up to each sign manager. You are free to request specific locations where you'd like a content item to be displayed.
INTERNAL content creating and sharing process (for ACES sign managers):
1. After you've created your content file, save it to the digital signage drive under the folder location "College of ACES\Shared\Internal". When saving it, add a prefix to your file name with the date on when the content should expire using the format "year_month_day_". 
Example: I have the file "AcesConvocation.pdf", and I want it to stop displaying on April 24th, 2019. I would change the filename to be: "19_4_24_AcesConvocation.pdf".
2. Create the file in Content Manager, saving it to the content folder "Shared\Internal". Be sure to set the correct start and end display dates.
3. Share the information about this file, it's name, and where it's located with the ACES sign managers by sending to:
EXTERNAL content creating and sharing process (for external content creators):
1. Download the template file "Digital Sign Template", which can be found here:
2. Use this template to create your content. The top portion should be kept an ACES branded banner. Note that there are several layouts to chose from.
3. Save the content as a .pdf type file.
4. Share this .pdf file with the ACES sign managers via email attachment by sending to:

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