ACES Digital Signage: Using Apps

This document explains how to view the FWI app "catalog" and how to go about using an app on your sign.
Digital signage apps can be thought of as being similar to signage templates; they are a tool to display your content. Most all apps will cover the entire screen of your sign, only "applets" take a portion of the screen and are placed inside of other templates. (The basic ACES template consists of 1 upper large region, for main content, and a small bar-like region on the bottom for weather, calendar and directory info, etc.)

Note: Each app/applet requires varying levels of configuration before it able to be used. For this reason we recommend that you view the app catalog to find one that suits your needs, and then contact ACES Technology Services ( for assistance with its configuration and deployment. 

Using Apps/Applets

Step 1: View the app "catalog" and find one that meets your needs

You can view all apps inside of Content Manager via clicking the "FWI Store" button and then selecting the "APPS" tab. This is shown in the image below with a red #2.
You can also view examples and preview apps on the test signs located under "DIGITAL SIGNAGE EXAMPLES". This is shown in the image below with a blue #1
Finally, a list of these apps from the store (all of the free ones at least) can be see in the "FWi Store" folder in the bottom section's "Apps" tab. This is shown in the image below with a black #3.

Step 2: Contact ACES Technology Services for assistance configuring your application.

We can be contacted via:


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