ACES Online Instruction Tutorials and Materials - This document is a work-in-progress.

This document will help instructors leverage available tools for online instruction, including recording classes and publishing those recordings.

Training Videos

Mediaspace Video from Wednesday, August 19 @ 10am

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Jabra Speak 510/410 Conference Speaker
Logitech Spotlight Presenter Remote
 Jabra Speak 410
 Logitech Spotlight

Display Connection Guide

For explanations and examples of the various display connections you might see, please take a look at this guide:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. To record to the cloud, do we need to have an Illinois Media Space account setup or do we automatically have one?
A. Everyone should have an account within Media Space, using your NetID and NetID password.
Extension Staff and Faculty also have Media Space accounts.
Further information on who has access to Media Space:
To reach out to Extension IT, you can contact them at

Q. Will a Zoom recording work through a Remote Desktop session?

A. Remote Desktop is not optimized for Audio and Video transmission, so it is not recommended to record through a Remote Desktop session. It is recommended that Zoom be running and recording directly from the computer you are presenting from.

Q. Do you have to set up the meetings through Outlook?
A. You can create meetings through the Outlook Zoom Plugin, through Zoom itself, or through Learning Management Systems like Compass2G and Moodle using Zoom's LTI interface. Existing meetings (made from Zoom or Outlook) can also be imported into the LTI interface for Compass2G and Moodle organization.

Q. Can we link the Zoom recording to a specific Media Space channel or do we have to manually move it to our class channel?
A. Once a recording is available in your My Media page, it can be published to any channel you have publishing access to.

Q. Can I create a channel in Media Space?
A. You can certainly create your own channel in Media Space - however, we ask that you submit a request for channels that relate to coursework. That way, we can have your class roster automatically populated. For channel creation requests, please email and include [Channel] in the beginning of the subject line.

Q. Do we have space and/or file size limits on Media Space?
A. Media Space has unlimited available space. File upload sizes are not limited by Media Space, but due to browser restriction manually uploaded file sizes may be limited. If you need help uploading larger files, please contact

Q. Can I upload video directly to Compass without having it on Media Space?
A. As Compass has limited storage, it is not recommended to upload video files directly to Compass. Media Space is both more fully-featured, and has no storage limit, so it is the campus recommendation for all video media.

Q. Are Media Space analytics tracked across platforms?
A. Yes - when Media Space videos are embedded in an LMS (Compass2G, Moodle), it will track analytics the same way it would when viewed directly from Media Space. However, if the video is embedded elsewhere, the analytics information will show each viewer as "Anonymous."

Q. Once edits are made, does the original file still exist?
A. It depends - if you click the "Save" button, it will overwrite the original. If you do not want to overwrite the original file, there is a "Save a Copy" button.

Q. Why is there a delay each time a recording is saved, even if it's already been saved before?
A. The video is uploaded to the system, but still needs to be processed.

Q. Can we publish videos to YouTube as well?
A. YouTube is public-facing and therefore, unlike Media Space, is not FERPA compliant. Any media created specifically for full public access can be uploaded to YouTube, but any class recordings should not be posted outside Media Space. Please contact your local IT professional for further clarification.