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Zoom - webinar license in ACES

Can we use Zoom webinars in the College of ACES?

Webinars are an add-on to the university license. The college has a shared Webinar license. We are working out the procedures related to it. Generally, here are the options that College of ACES faculty and staff have:

1) Shared college license. This will work as long as you need no more than 500 people, and you are okay with the Webinar/meeting information being visible to others that might be using the shared license. We will also be figuring out conflict management related to multiple people wanting to host a webinar at the same time. We would want at least a week's advance notice because we would need to create the webinar for you.

2) Shared college license with scheduling ability. Zoom requires that a scheduler own a webinar license in order to schedule/manage webinars, including those on a shared college account. You would purchase a webinar 100 license (the smallest/cheapest) for $400*/year from for yourself or anyone that wants to schedule Webinars. If you do not expect more than 100 people for your webinars, you would not even need the college shared license and could schedule under your own account. If a certain webinar was expected to exceed 100, you could use the college license.

3) Your own Zoom webinar license. You can purchase your own webinar license from and be able to schedule freely and be the owner/host of all of your webinars. Costs are currently*:

  • Webinar 100: $400*/year
  • Webinar 500: $1400*/year
  • Webinar 1000: $3400*/year
  • Webinar 3000: $9900*/year

(these and larger webinars available at

*These prices are current as of October 29, 2020. Please check for up to date prices.

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