How to Map a Network Share or Drive on Windows

Instructions for How to Connect to a Network Drive in the Windows OS

When off-campus, you must connect to the Internet and initiate a VPN connection using the Cisco AnyConnect software. If you did not identify the shares you need prior to leaving campus, you can try identifying the drive path from this list of drive paths. If you are not able to find the drive path you need, contact

Video Instructions: How to Connect to a Network Drive (Windows)

Connecting to a “network drive” or “shared drive” or “shared folder” from a Windows computer:

  1. First, ensure you are either on the wired campus network, IllinoisNet wireless on campus, or using the AnyConnect VPN from an off-campus location.

  2. Right-click the Windows menu in Windows 10 and select File Explorer. Click the Start menu in Windows 7.

  3. Right-click This PC in Windows 10 or right-click Computer in Windows 7.

  4. Select Map Network Drive. The “Map Network Drive” window will open.

  5. Select a drive letter in the Drive list, preferably toward the end of the alphabet.

  6. Enter in the Folder box the full network drive path.
    1. For example, to connect to the Channell Lab share, enter \\\ahs\shs-lab-channell

  7. Leave the box labeled “Reconnect at sign-in” or “reconnect at logon” unchecked. If you check it and you are off campus, it will try and reconnect before you have your VPN connection, causing it to fail.

  8. Check the box labeled “Connect Using Different Credentials.”

  9. When prompted for your credentials, enter your NetID and its password.

  10. Click Finish.

You now have access to your network drive.

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