Connecting to the ChBE File Share from on-campus

Instructions for Windows & Mac

Instructions for Windows

  1. Open the Run box - you can either press the Windows logo key + R, or type "Run" in the search box at the bottom of the screen

  2. In the Run box, type:


  3. Credentials:
    • If your computer is in the Active Directory, a window to the SCS File Server ( will simply open
      If your computer is NOT in the Active Directory, you will be prompted for credentials. Use uofi\[yourNetID] and your Campus Active Directory (email, VPN) password.
  4. Look for "chbe" in the list of file shares that appear. 

  5. Option 1: Pin to Quick Access:  Right-click on the chbe file share, and select Pin to Quick Access.  This will add a link to the ChBE file share to the "Quick Access" panel in Windows Explorer.
  6. Option 2: Create Desktop Shortcut: You can create a shortcut to the ChBE share on your desktop by right-clicking on the "chbe" folder and choosing Create shortcut.  You'll get a message:
    Windows can't create a shortcut here.
    Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?

    Click yes and the shortcut will be created. 

Instructions for Mac

  1. Click on the Go menu, then select Connect to Server...

  2. In the "Server Address" field, type:


  3. You can save this address to your "Favorite Servers" by clicking on the plus (+) sign
    • The plus (+) sign will either be at the end of the "Server Address" text box or at the bottom of the window, depending on your version of MacOS.
  4. Click on the Connect button

  5. When you connect to a network drive, you will be prompted for credentials. Use uofi\[yourNetID] and your Campus Active Directory (email, VPN) password.
  6. The ChBE shared folder will open. 
  7. If you close the ChBE window, you can find the shared folder (titled "") under "Locations" in your Finder window.  

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