Computer Science Course Room Access at Siebel Center

Room access granted through class enrollment or portal groups

All Computer Science students have access to the main doors in the Siebel Center as long as they are enrolled in CS classes. Graduate students are given additional access to conference rooms, printer rooms, and the lunch room (see here for details: Computer Science Graduate Student Access at Siebel Center). Additional access is given to students automatically when enrolled in certain Computer Science courses. Before requesting the access needed for your class, check the table below to see if you already have the necessary access. If you do have access based on this table and are still having trouble swiping into those rooms please refer to this page for help: Siebel Center Swiping into Rooms

All CS Classes Students, Course Staff Siebel Main Entrance
CS105 Course Staff Siebel Main Entrance, 210, 228
CS125 Course Graders, Course Staff Siebel Main Entrance, 403
CS126 Course Staff, Graders 0219, 1112
CS128 Course Staff 0222, 0224, and 0403
CS173 Course Staff 0211
CS210 Course Staff 0209
CS225 Course Graders 226, 228
CS225 Course Staff Siebel Main Entrance, 226, 228
CS233 Course Staff Siebel Main Entrance, 212, 226, 228
CS241 Graders 0214, 2105
CS241 Course Staff 0214, 0226
CS242 Course Graders, Course Staff 1112
CS357 Course Staff 0209
CS361 Course Staff 0207
CS418 Course Staff 0207
CS420 Course Staff 0207
CS424 Students 2325, 2327
CS425 Course Staff 0207
CS427 Course Graders, Course Staff, Students 1112
CS428 Students 1112
CS429 Students 1112
CS431 Students Siebel Main Entrance, 2325
CS440 Course Staff 0207, 2313
CS450 Course Staff 0207, 0209
CS460 Course Staff, Students Siebel Main Entrance, 1129
CS492 Course Graders, Course Staff 1112
CS498-IT3/IT4 Students 1129
CS498VR Course Staff, Students 4107
CS498WN Students 3109
 CS498GD1 and GD2 Students  4107
CSE426 Course Staff/Students 1112
ECE419 Students Siebel Main Entrance
ECE422 Students Siebel Main Entrance
ECE428 Students Siebel Main Entrance


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