How to create a bootable USB drive for Secure Erase

This article will explain how to create a bootable USB drive for Data wiping SATA and SDD Hard Drives on older Dell equipment.

For related policy information, please visit the OBFS page on how to Dispose of Unneeded Equipment.

Note: Downloading and saving these files to your desktop will not delete anything. These are the steps to create the USB flash drive containing the software Parted Magic. After creating the Bootable USB please follow this knowledge base article: How to Data Wipe a PC (Using Parted Magic)

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Download Rufus and Parted Magic software

  1. Download and save the Rufus application here: (This will require IT to enter admin credentials to install. Please submit a ticket to to request this specific program to be installed)

  2. Download and save the Parted Magic application here:

    Parted Magic Box

Make a Bootable USB (UEFI and Secure Boot)

  1. To make a Bootable USB, you will need to use Rufus. Double click the Rufus application:

  2. Accept the User Account Control Prompt: (This will require Admin credentials. Contact Extension IT prior to doing this step so we can remote in and assist you).

  3. Your USB Flash Drive should populate at the top.

  4. In the next screen, select SELECT:

  5. In order to find the Parted Magic ISO file, you will need to follow these steps outlined below:
    1. On the left navigation menu, double-click This PC

    2. Double-click Local Disk (C:)

    3. Double-click the folder Users

    4. Double-click your personal user folder (this will be labeled by your NetId)

    5. Double-click the Downloads folder to open.

    6. Select the Parted Magic Iso file and click Open.


  6. Your ISO name will populate at the bottom:

  7. The following configuration -  Partition Scheme, Target System, and File System will be set up to work for all computers (Legacy BIOS and UEFI BIOS). Please make sure this is the same before proceeding.

  8. Select Start:

  9. You may be required to update Rufus before starting the image, please click Yes.

  10. In the next screen, select Write in ISO Image Mode and select OK:

  11. You will get a warning that you will format your USB Flash Drive. Select OK.

  12. When Rufus is finished making the Bootable USB, it will say "Ready". You may now close Rufus.


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How to secure erase data from a PC (Using Parted Magic)

Please follow this KB article to secure erase data from your pc using the newly created Bootable USB drive.