Computer equipment insurance renewal information

Overview of equipment insurance renewal process.

Support Staff will receive an email from a staff member from Insurance Risk Management around mid-April each year. The deadline to update the spreadsheet and return has a very short window normally around mid-May.

The current and/or past annual ERC (Equipment Replacement Cycle) will be helpful so you have the data you need for any new laptops purchased and issued from Campus. If you were not provided a formatted spreadsheet to update information, you will need to create a spreadsheet to record this information and submit it by attaching it to the email requesting the data.

Below is an example of an Excel Spreadsheet with the required information. Add each County Office in your Unit’s information separately, then total the Value column for all offices at the bottom of the sheet.

 spreadsheet example image showing inventory information

Retrieve the Excel Spreadsheet submitted to campus from last year or if this is the first time you were asked to complete this task, you will need to create an Excel spreadsheet like the example above.

  • Update any contact information at the top of the form
  • Check and make sure the address and Office Name is correct
  • Add the Account Number that will be charged for the insurance premium
  • Add any new equipment added to your offices inventory since the last time you were asked to update your Insurance Renewal including any laptops that were purchased off cycle whether for a new staff member or a broken/replaced laptop
  • For the equipment from the last submitted spreadsheet, decrease the amount of the value of the listed equipment, by $250.00. Such as: Value $1000.00 reduce to $750.00 etc.
  • Remove any equipment that would only have a depreciated value of $250.00. (Note: The insurance deductible is $500.00 so Campus will not insurance an item for $250.00)
  • Check and make sure each offices total is correct
  • Check and make sure the Grand Total at the bottom of the Spreadsheet is correct

You are ready to attach this spreadsheet to the email from Campus requesting your Unit’s renewal information.

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