Installing/Updating Applications using Microsoft Software Center

Extension IT offers the ability to self-install and self-upgrade applications without administrative privileges on your own computer.

Note: This feature does require Microsoft Software Center application to be installed on your pc. Please contact the Extension IT Help desk if you have problems locating it.


For all Extension computers, Software Center can be found on the Start Menu:
  1. Click the Windows Start Button icon in the lower left corner of your taskbar.  You may have a tile already for Software Center on your Start Menu or you can browse your Apps list for the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Folder.

    Start MenuSoftware Center tile

  2. Alternatively, you can also use the Search feature of Windows by clicking the magnifying glass and enter "Software Center" in Windows search. Software Center application should be a search result.

    Search Software Center


All Extension IT software can be installed from the Applications tab on the left navigation menu.  These applications will silently install and require no user interaction. 
  1. When Software Center opens, you will see a list of applications. There will be icons for all the applications that Extension IT manages as well as other products that you can self-install without admin permissions. 
  2. To install an application, click the application from the list. You can view the information about the application and then click the "Install" button to start the download and installation.



  3. The application will install silently and appear on your start menu once finished.

    Install Software


You can check the status of the install by clicking the Installation Status option on the left menu in Software Center.

Installation Status


Extension applications are updated after business hours every day if your computer is powered on and connected to the internet.  If you require a newer version of an application, you may be behind in an update because you missed a maintenance window.  Please follow these instructions to update software outside the maintenance window. 

  1. Launch Software Center.  Click the Installation Status tab on the left navigation menu.  You see a list of applications installed on your pc and their current "Status".   
  2. There are different statuses you may see here:
    • "Installed" - This application is up to date.
    • "Past due - will be installed"  - This application is doesn't match the version hosted by campus.  
    • "Waiting for the next available maintenance schedule" - An update is available and you can either leave your computer on after business hours to update on it's own or you can manually update it yourself.
    • "Downloading (% complete) - This application is downloading files necessary to install the software or update it.
    • "Installing (% complete) - This application has finished downloading the required files and is now silently installing on your computer.
    • "Failed" - This application failed to install or update.
  3. If you see "Waiting for next available maintenance schedule" as your application status, your pc missed an update and you can click the application to manually update.  
  4. If you see "Past due - will be installed" you can try updating but this status typically means you're actually a version ahead and you can safely ignore it.

    Installation Page

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