Instructions Regarding 4-H County Shows on the Website

Staff instructions regarding 4-H County Shows on the Extension Website

These instructions were sent out directly from the COMMs team regarding the creation of subpages on unit sites unique to each county 4-H shows. 

Subpages will NOT be created for County Shows, instead Counties can create Events on the website. 

Moving forward our plan will be:


So what are the best practices for creating your event.

  1. First, when you name the event BE SURE to include the County FIRST. DO THIS: 2021 Gallatin County Dog Show DON’T DO THIS: Dog Show (Remember, every single event created on the website shows up to the world on the global site. If you just say Dog Show, no one will know whose show it is and it may confuse the public.
  2. Use a SPECIFIC day of your show, not a range of dates. DO THIS: July 3. DON’T LIST THE WHOLE SHOW: July 1-5. (Remember, the event disappears off your website after the first day of a multi-day event. No one will see it after the first day)
  3. Use a short go URL that makes sense to point to your event (Remember, when you market the go link , don’t include the "https://"   DO THIS:  DON’T DO THIS:
  4. The links section is not JUST for registration; link to important documents; the state 4-H page for the project information, etc.