Digital Measures: Introduction

Digital Measures (DM) is the industry-leading platform for managing faculty activity data for use in accreditation reporting (including AACSB), annual reviews, tracking college performance indicators, and maintaining up-to-date faculty profiles.

It is critical that all college employees who are instructors record their activity. Information is needed for all instructors: tenure track faculty, specialized faculty, adjunct faculty, doctoral students who are instructors of record, and academic professionals who are instructors. The AACSB accreditation process looks at the broad themes of innovation, engagement, and impact and specifically how instructors participate in the life of the college beyond basic teaching responsibilities. It is imperative that we record these activities in DM.

For most tenure stream faculty, this is publishing and professional engagement (editorial and academic association service). For other faculty, this is engagement with the business community, through consulting or board service; current or recent employment outside of universities; publishing for business audiences; continuing education to maintain professional certifications / licenses (e.g., CPA, JD); and involvement in business associations and conferences.

The types of data managed in DM include:

The college will also use DM to manage web profiles for all college staff, so all employees of the college have responsibility for managing their data in the platform.

Using Digital Measures

To login to Digital Measures, go to  You will use your university Active Directory credentials to login via Shibboleth. You will need to provide 2-Factor Authentication as with all university web applications.