2FA/MFA, Configure Duo Mobile for Salesforce

Salesforce requires multifactor authentication (MFA/2FA) to sign in to the system. Two authenticator apps are supported: Salesforce Authenticator and Duo Mobile, both free apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The University of Illinois uses Duo Mobile for most MFA/2FA security, and it will likely be the most familiar and comfortable to use. Follow this guide to configure Duo Mobile for use with Salesforce.
  1. Sign into Salesforce

  2. When prompted to connect Salesforce Authenticator, select "Choose Another Verification Method"

    Image highlighting how to choose another method

  3. Select "Use verification codes from an authenticator app" and click "Continue"

    Salesforce prompt to connect to an authenticator app

  4. Open "Duo Mobile" on your mobile device (phone, tablet)

  5. Tap "+ Add"
    Duoe Mobile add button

  6. Select "Use QR code"

    Duo mobile add with QR code

  7. Scan the QR code presented on the Salesforce page

  8. Confirm that the account name looks correct and tap "Save"

    Image of Duo account name filled in

  9. You’ll receive a confirmation that your account is linked
    Duoe account linked message
  10. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Salesforce password. Once you do this, you’ll receive confirmation that your password is saved and ready to be used.

    Duo mobile account added successfully
  11. Return to Salesforce. The prompt to verify your identity should include your Salesforce login name.

    Salesforce prompt for authenticator code to verify identity

  12. Return to the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device to find the 6-digit code displayed underneath the new account you’ve added.

    Duo mobile account list with code displayed for Salesforce verification

  13. On the Salesforce page, type the confirmation code and choose "Connect"

You will now be logged into Salesforce successfully.

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