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21Office 365, Outlook Online (OWA), Zoom Add-in, Install via Microsoft Add-In Store1107842022-02-221136
22Gies Flat Classroom, 1049 BIF1105042022-02-15683
23Gies Flat Classroom, 1025 BIF1105032022-02-15750
24Gies Flat Classroom, 2063 BIF1105022022-02-15706
25Gies Flat Classroom, 2057 BIF1105012022-02-15761
26Gies Tiered Classroom, 2043 BIF1104872022-02-15643
27Gies Tiered Classroom, 2041 BIF1104862022-02-15662
28Gies Flat Classroom, 2011 BIF1104852022-02-15690
29Gies Flat Classroom, 2007 BIF1104822022-02-15688
30Gies Flat Classroom, 2005 BIF1104812022-02-15630
31Gies Flat Classroom, 2001 BIF1104802022-02-15600
32Gies Flat Classroom, 3001 BIF1104692022-02-15572
33Gies Tiered Classroom, 3007 BIF1104682022-02-15645
34Gies Flat Classroom, 3057 BIF1104672022-02-15673
35Gies Flat Classroom, 3063 BIF1104662022-02-15672
36Gies Flat Classroom, 3003 BIF1104652022-02-15632
37Gies Flat Classroom, 3009 BIF1099452022-02-15637
38Gies Tiered Classroom, 3039 BIF1099432022-02-15790
39Gies Tiered Classroom, 3041 BIF1099312022-02-15675
402FA, Manage Device Settings, Set Automatic Duo Push1095262021-10-01741

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